Warehouse List in America

345 Sophy Xu Oct.22.2021


Dear Valued Customer,


The rapid spread of the virus in 2021 prompted shutdown of Tire Industries around the world and, while most of us were in lockdown. As lockdown have lifted,demand has rocked. And SUPPLY CHAINS that were disrupted during the global healthy crisis are still facing huge challenges and stuggling to bounce back.


This has led to chaos for the manufacturers and distributors who cannot produce or supply tire bladders as much as they did pre-pandemic for a variety of reasons,including workers shortages and lack of raw materials.


It will take 60 more days to transport the goods from China to America. Many customers have complained so much about the lead time .  In order to give the best service to our valued customers , we have rented 4 warehouses locate in different cities in America . They are really helpful .The delivery time is just 3 days after receipt of the orders. Please contact our local team if you need any curing bladder and building bladder.


Your Sincerely


Jack Ma

Sales Director North America



Warehouse 1# : Kansas City,MO

Warehouse 2# : Houston, TX

Warehouse 3# : Los Angeles, CA

Warehouse 4# : Heborn, KY






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