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Sntai Industrial Group Ltd is a leading manufacturers of tire bladders in China . For more than 20 years SNTAI has been producing Curing bladder, Turn up bladder, Push over bladder and Curing Diaphragms for a wide range of tire . From bias tires to radial tires, heavy truck to passenger tires, construction to agricultural tires, and aircraft tires, SNTAI has experience in both manufacturing and design of Curing bladders and building bladders. 

We have already developed several different compounds to suite the needs of our customers. Our in house lad continually test our compounds for quality assurance . In order to serve our customers better in North America and South America, Sntai Tire Bladder America, LLC was founded in the U.S. in 2018.

SNTAI manufacture more than 2,600,000 pieces curing bladders and building bladders every year .We keep about 180,000 pieces bladders on inventory for the quick delivery . We also have 4 warehouses in the U.S. and 2 warehouses in Europe . We are able to send the bladders to our customers within 7 days after receipt of their orders.

Tire bladders are a flexible rubber membrane that forms the inside surface of a tire during the curing process .We can offer a total solution to suit the needs of our customers. Coated bladders can improve the bladder life. We can apply ChemTrend release agent on the surface of bladders .It has created a new way to add value to our customers.


SNTAI have made a reputation on the fact not only we produce quality curing bladders, but we service them as well. With SntaiBladders manufacturing sites and warehouses all over the world, we can have our products and support as close as possible .You can rely on the team here at SNTAI to take good care of you . Wherever you are, we are nearby .