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SntaiBladder manufacturers over 1500 different bladders sizes which cover Passenger,Truck,Agriculture,Motorcycle and OTR Tires. Our bladder is offered for Bag-O-Matic, Krupp,Autoform,Autolock and Kobe presses .


SntaiBladder Advantages


Longer Bladder Life

-High-quality thermally conductive compound

-Strict process quality controls


Shorter Cure Cycles

-Better heat transfer through superior design and special compound


Superior Curing Performance

-Flexible bladder wall

-Consistent quality and uniformity


Pre-treadted bladders

SntaiBladder offers permanent baldder coatings which can reduce tire defects and ensure easy unfolding of the new bladders .


Bladder Surfaces

SntaiBladders' innovative bladder venting designs and surface finish help to alleviate trapped air from the form and subsequently create a better tire appearance, along with less scrap rates .


Bladder Injection  Molding Machine




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