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Tire building bladder for Yantai Friend machinery TBM

BLADDER   CODEO.D DB (mm)Overall   Height   H (mm)Foot ID      dB/ dB'(mm)Foot Height   a  (mm)Foot Width     b     (mm)Start-Up   (mm)
12" Turn-up Bladder245260210/2105/57/780
15"-1 Turn-up Bladder295260255/2556/67/760
15"-2 Turn-up Bladder340260288/2889/914/1440
15"-16.5" Turn-up Bladder295305255/2557/710/1060
16"-16.5" Turn-up Bladder320305280/2807/710/1060
19" Turn-up Bladder431340383/38310/1014/1460
TBM-ZJ20C Turn-up Bladder407380355/35510/1014/1480
25" Turn-up Bladder528500466/4668/812/1290
29" Turn-up Bladder625   600555/55515/1516/16100
24" Turn-up Bladder540   350500/50014/1416/1660
2425" Turn-up Bladder488450426/42612/1216/1660
28" Turn-up Bladder617350549/54614/1416/1660
30" Turn-up Bladder667   350599/59914/1416/1660
33" Turn-up Bladder725   500655/65515/1516/1670



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