New Warehouse in Kentucky, USA

2220 by Sophy Xu Mar.14.2021




Dear Valued Customer,

SntaiBladder™ serves worldwide tire factories with high performance Curing bladders and Turn-up bladders . The most positive development of the America tire industry result in a high needs for tire bladder in 2021 .We are trying to increase our production capacity to attend this high demand level.


In addition to that, we observe that our logistics team are facing a shortage of containers, which is therefore causing challenges with transportation and international logistics .We might face delivery delays . It is a big pain for each other .


Basically it will take 60 days to transport our tire bladders from China factory to America customers . The delivery time is too long . Our customers and us want to solve this headache issue .


Now there is a good news for our America customers. We are excited to announce that our local warehouse is opened ! The new warehouse is located in Hebron, Kentucky . It will be a great help for all of us . We will continue to improve our service for you .


Yours Sincerely


Jack Ma

Head of Sales America



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